Enhancing the curriculum The SEK system

Modelo Educativo SEK

The SEK Educational System is based on knowledge acquisition through the exploration of concepts, research and the development of competencies that encourage critical thought and creativity. SEK students learn all those strategies that will permit them, throughout their lives, to be autonomous, self-assured and able to learn independently.

The SEK Educational Model puts special importance on the development of emotional intelligence abilities and integrates them into its curriculum. We work on the basis of the PYP curricular framework in the “Creative resolution of conflicts”. Our teachers have been trained by the educational expert Linda Lantieri (CASEL-Daniel Goleman Institute).

We personalise learning using the Intelligent Classroom methodology, defined as:

“A learning community, whose main objective is to develop the intelligence and values of each one of its students, who plan, implement and regulate their own activities, under the direction of their teachers who use a variety of teaching methods, and suggest real tasks, evaluated by the students and their teachers, in a multi-purpose, technologically equipped space”.

The University Baccalaureate is methodologically based on the concept of the Flipped Classroom, which promotes the acquisition of information outside of the class timetable – with the help of technology – and the building, deepening and discussion of knowledge inside the classroom. Students take responsibility for their own learning.

These experiences are fundamental to the students’ adaptation to their future university or working lives.

Educational principles: rigour, balance and bilingualism

The demands of our system and a rigorous assessment model focussed on improvement allow us to guarantee the highest possible academic attainment from our students and admission to the most prestigious universities at home and abroad.

In respect of the all-round development of our students, we offer a balanced education at every stage of academic life that especially values sports, the development of technological competencies and those related to social and emotional intelligence, community service and artistic expression.

  • In infant school, linguistic immersion is achieved through a programme delivered entirely in English (with one hour per day in Spanish).
  • In Primary Education, bilingual provision is set at 50% of school time, with one day in English and the next in Spanish.
  • At Secondary Education level 50% of subjects are taught in English.
  • At Baccalaureate level, our students can opt to do the IB Diploma Programme in English, or the National Baccalaureate with subjects from the Diploma Programme in English.

Starting from the 5th year of primary, study of a third language is incorporated: French or German.

SEK, a pioneer (1977) in the implementation in Spain of the programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB), incorporates their curricular framework in order to enrich the national curriculum as a continuum from 3 to 18 years of age. The IB Diploma enjoys the very highest academic prestige and helps students to gain entry into the most prestigious universities in the world.

SEK International Schools

Institucion educativa- EL Castillo

SEK – El Castillo
Madrid, Spain

SEK – Ciudalcampo
Madrid, Spain


SEK – Santa Isabel
Madrid, Spain

SEK – Atlántico
Pontevedra, Spain

SEK – Catalunya
Cataluña, Spain


SEK – Alborán
Almería, Spain


SEK – Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

SEK – Les Alpes
Les Alpes, France

SEK – Qatar
Doha, Qatar