Our Group is rooted in a one-hundred-year family tradition of free and independent education and are not affiliated to any religious, political or economic group. Our only commitment is to offering quality education in line with our educational ethos and principles.

In order to meet this commitment, we implement our own unique educational system, developing every aspect of individual student’s personalities at each stage of their evolution, with the tried-and-tested expertise of our teaching staff, first-class facilities, educational resources, innovative technology and specially designed school environments, organisation and services.

SEK boasts over a century of teaching expertise and nine international schools in Spain, France, Ireland and Qatar. Camilo José Cela University, founded in the year 2000, is the pinnacle of the SEK educational project.

SEK International Schools

Institucion educativa- EL Castillo

SEK – El Castillo
Madrid, Spain

SEK – Ciudalcampo
Madrid, Spain


SEK – Santa Isabel
Madrid, Spain

SEK – Atlántico
Pontevedra, Spain

SEK – Catalunya
Cataluña, Spain


SEK – Alborán
Almería, Spain


SEK – Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

SEK – Les Alpes
Les Alpes, France

SEK – Qatar
Doha, Qatar