SEK International Schools offer a wide range of high-quality services:


It is a mandatory service for all students of all educational age groups.

Schools have their own kitchens (certified under the ISO 9001:2000 standard) ensuring compliance with all safety, quality and hygiene standards and offering a balanced diet supervised by specialised nutritionists.

The dining areas offer menus adapted for students with allergies, sufferers of coeliac disease, students with food intolerances or other exceptional needs.

Teachers from the School supervise the service to reinforce the acquisition of good nutritional habits and table manners.

The school sends families every term information on daily lunch menus and recommendations for evening meals.


The transport service, available from three years of age onwards, is provided by our own fleet of coaches, certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, and/or contracted out to other school transport providers guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards.

The service is supervised by school staff. All coaches have seat belts.

In early September, parents who have requested this service will receive the transport pass delivered to their home, which will specify the route number, the stop and collection time along with the return time and place.


This service is available throughout the school day. The services is staffed by a doctor and a nurse. 

A general check up is given to all students at the start of the academic year. Each year the students are also given specific check ups (eyesight and hearing, spinal disorders, tooth decay…) and health talks.

In addition, all students are covered by accident insurance provided by a leading insurance company.


It helps to ensure the development of each student’s potential and personalises the learning process.

Service for students, teachers and families.

School, careers and family advice and attention to high achieving students.


Optional private insurance whose aim is to guarantee academic, learning and complementary service continuity to our students until the end of their studies in our Centres, in case of the death of the insured.

The coverage offered by the School Insurance at the corresponding SEK School, includes teaching and activities, half board, school transport, books and materials, enrolment fees, health insurance and psychological support.


The star programme fosters the enrichment and development of children and young people with high academic achievement. The aim is to develop their maximum potential in the company of their peers, without losing touch with their classmates.

Over 1,000 students, between the ages of 4 and 16, have taken part in this programme.

High achieving children and young people, with or without specific learning needs, and families and professionals interested in this psycho-educational specialisation take part.

Participating students include boys and girls from public or private schools.


Communication channel allowing families and schools to share the centre’s day-to-day information.

WebAPPS para Familias

Tools to facilitate collaboration between families and the school:

  • MySEK
  • Pupil email  

WebAPPS for SEK teachers and professionals

Collaboration tools for teachers and SEK professionals:

  • Webmail 
  • MySEK
  • Service management
  • Yammer 
  • Colabora