Mock UN Models: Oratory and debate


SEK Educational Group is convinced of the importance of the role of models of reference in learning and this is one of the main reasons it launched the SEKMUN project.

The success of a mock UN model is based on a solid preparation:

  • Knowing the rules.
  • Having a command of debating andnegotiating techniques.
  • In-depth research into the position of the represented country.
  • To be acquainted with the drafting of official documents.
  • The ideal of solving conflicts through dialogue and not violence is put into practice.

These models emerged at Harvard University over 60 years ago. These activities were then extended to other universities, schools and education centres due to their outstanding academic results. Today, thousands of mock UN models are organised around the world.

In Spain, SEK Educational Group in collaboration with the UNICEF Spanish Committee, organised the first SEKMUN meeting in April 2007. Students studying 4th year Secondary School and 1st year Baccalaureate from SEK-El Castillo, SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-Atlántico, SEK-Catalunya, SEK-Alborán and other international schools were invited to reflect and tackle current affairs and international political topics within the UN framework and feel part the family that is mankind sharing one planet and to understand that difference is not an obstacle but something that enriches our society.

Since 2002, over 200 SEK students have been invited to take part in the MEXMUN model, organised by the Monterrey Technology Institute (Mexico) and to collaborate in the implementation and organisation of the 1st SEKMUN “Dialogue for coexistence” and in subsequent editions.