1SEK students are prepared for the real world:

SEK students are balanced individuals, possessing social and emotional intelligence, able to continue to learn effectively over the course of their lives with a global mentality and capable of tackling new challenges.


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2Our educational model is designed for the 21st century:

Our educational model is inspiring, attractive, holistic, innovative, global, connected and relevant for the future and is allocated the necessary resources to ensure this is all possible. We stay continually abreast of new educational trends with the help of international experts that design new learning experiences with our teams and through the Global Education Forum, revitalising discussion on how to improve education to transform society.

3We are the only schools to offer a fully bilingual double Spanish and international curriculum.

We integrate the official Spanish curriculum and the programmes organised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation over all educational stages (from 3 to 18 years of age). With over 35 years’ experience in teaching the IB Diploma, recognised by all the major international universities, we are the Spanish teaching institution with the largest team of certified IB teachers and evaluators and Camilo José Cela University is the first Spanish-speaking university be certified to offer the full range of IB teaching diplomas.

SEK Schools offer full immersion in English from 4 months up to 18 years of age. From Year 5 of Primary School, students may also study a second foreign language, French or German.

SEK Educational Group offers its students the chance to go on exchanges to its schools in Dublin and Les Alpes to enjoy a unique international experience.


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4Our students obtain outstanding academic results.

Our students obtain outstanding results in university entrance exams for Spanish and foreign universities and academic honours from different educational bodies (Honours Awards for Baccalaureate, Alfonso Ussía Award to Student of the Year, Highest Selectividad Score in Spain, among others). Furthermore, we measure the results obtained by our students by international standards (PISA).

5The best teaching staff. Our teachers are continually learning and keep abreast of current trends

Our team is highly experienced and innovative, they feel a true passion for learning and teaching and are aware of their role as mediators, guides and coaches, indentifying students’ strengths and weaknesses, making them aware of new knowledge and fostering its understanding and transference to all walks of life and favouring, at the same time, the individual attention over the entire the teaching process.
Our teaching staff is invited to participate in educational conferences and exhibitions and head numerous applied research projects.

6Our students learn with the best materials

Our state-of-the-art facilities, resources and the combination of in-person and virtual learning enable individualised attention, fostering multiple intelligences and diverse ways of learning, depending on each student’s style, pace and talent.

7We include 21st century skill learning on our curriculum

Within the framework of our Partnership for 21st Century Skills, we have included social and emotional learning in our educational model and cognitive development programmes that foster social skills and thinking.

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8SEK Schools offer many more opportunities

Our students take part in complementary activities that ensure their personal growth as future leaders of society.

Sports and physical development at our sports academies; arts and music; United Nations debate and oratory models (SEKMUN, THIMUN); on-campus communications media (press, radio and TV); robotics; maker spaces; international exchanges; social action activities and high-achieving students’ programmes. A wide ranging and outstanding array of opportunities that foster the all-round development of each individual student.

SEK International Sports Academy: Individual high-performance programmes aimed at young athletes from the age of ten aimed at ensuring all-round sporting, academic and personal development.

9We guarantee quality and excellence in all we do

In order to promote learning, innovation and the perfection of the entire SEK Educational Community, we adhere to exacting quality and management system standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14.000, EFQM) and gauge our performance against international industry standards (OBI and CIS – Council of International Schools).


10Studying at a SEK school sets students apart

With over a century of experience and ongoing innovation, many of our 100,000 alumni have held positions of relevance in society that speak to the worth of our school leavers.

Because studying at a SEK school is the best way of ensuring your child’s future.