SEK Education Group signs an agreement with UNICEF in Spain

SEK Education Group, through the Felipe Segovia Foundation, has signed a partnership agreement with UNICEF to collaborate with UNICEF programmes for children and to provide emergency aid. Specifically, it has pledged to contribute to the ‘Schools for Africa’, an initiative by UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Peter Krämer Foundation ‘providing opportunities to children from 13 African countries to access a quality education and to be able to dream of a better future’.

Furthermore, this partnership goes beyond a simple economic contribution and includes actions related to education projects, in which students and teachers will take part.

The SEK-UNICEF partnership began in 2004, and has contributed to aiding in major efforts in favour of children. The ‘School Reinforcement Programme for Girls in Senegal’ has benefited over 56,200 girls in 187 primary schools in the Kolda region of Senegal, helping them with their schooling. The project has enabled these school girls to find healthy, safe and respectful and protected spaces to learn and develop.

UNICEF and SEK Education Group promote the education of global citizens committed to values of freedom, respect and justice. This alliance has led to numerous initiatives, such as support for the UNICEF Gotas para Níger campaign, which has contributed to improving levels of survival of newly born babies in the African country.

The SEK education community is involved in many UNICEF initiatives. The ‘Enrédate’ programme, that celebrates World Children Day, with teachers, students and families taking part in many awareness raising and fund-raising activities.

In 2005, SEK Education Group obtained, thanks to collaboration from its educational community, the Exemplary Brand award in the Exemplary Innovation category from UNICEF as public acknowledgement of its pioneering work.

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