The EFE news agency highlights the Inquiry Unit learning model at SEK Schools

The EFE news agency, through its EFE Escuela, has highlighted the role of inquiry-based learning  applied at SEK International Schools, in a major article published recently. The SEK educational model implements the International Baccalaureate programme from Early Childhood Education, fostering this learning methodology.

‘We set the students objectives with a constructivist focus and they attain knowledge independently, the teacher’s role is to guide them’, explained Begoña Ortiz, Primary School coordinator at SEK International Schools.

The aim of this method is to bolster teaching concepts through students’ own experiences in a transversal way. This project-based learning model helps students learn through inquiry, and not simply based on what the teacher tells them.

Therefore, subjects are not learnt in isolation, rather, as happens in real life, students acquire knowledge through experimentation and not just by memorising content. The path to learning is therefore more natural and independent learning techniques – by fostering students’ curiosity and encouraging them to inquire into a topic from all the different angles – ensures more solid results.

The idea is for students to be able to act, find solutions, search on the internet, be flexible, creative, know how to communicate, how to think, acquire social skills and self-control. Ultimately, it aims to foster those skills that they will need over the course of their lives.

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