The SEK International Advisory Board holds its annual meeting

The annual meeting of the SEK Education Group International Advisory Board (IAB) was held at the UCJC Almagro building. The board members, headed by Arpad von Lazar, met to analyse the latest news and advances of the SEK Education Group.

The event began with an introductory address by Arpad von Lazar, President of the International Advisory Board, who welcomed Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group, on to the stage who reviewed the vision and highlights of the last year.

Then came addresses by the Rector of Camilo José Cela University, Samuel Martín-Barbero, and the Director General of SEK International Schools, Marta Rodger, who outlined the latest achievements of UCJC and SEK schools respectively. Following on came the turn of Concha Canoyra, Corporate General Manager of SEK Group, who analysed the Group’s financial development and international expansion since the last IAB meeting.

The presentations reviewing and analysing the last year featured three new major UCJC programmes: the HST precollege course (Humanities, Sciences and Technology), The Hive and the Integra Project. Daniel del Valle-Inclán (The Hive), Jean Choi (HST) and Ignacio Sell (Integra Project) were responsible for outlining the current status of each of these projects. Francesco Sandulli and Sonsoles Escribano presented the new UCJC Bachelor’s degrees.

The event also featured a group session, in which participants split off into small groups, headed by a spokesperson, where they debated different topics, such as the Group’s international scope, the development of UCJC schools and learning and health.

Each spokesperson then presented their group’s conclusions, and the event was closed with an address presented the meeting’s final conclusions.

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